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And it's the annual Boston|Police Department salute to heroes tonight.
Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli,
Who was badly injured in a siege
At headquarters three|months ago, will be honored,
Along with army private Abby Sherman,
Just 22 years old.
Sherman's story made headlines
When her platoon was|ambushed in Afghanistan.
She was shot but crawled to a machine gun
To save three members of her squad.
Oh, turn him on his side!|What's happening?!
his|lung is filling up with blood.
"detective Jane Rizzoli|was the youngest officer
To ever be promoted to|the rank of detective."
Shoot him! Just shoot him!
You look terrible.
Thank you. You're making everyone late.
Even you would look bad if a|bullet had gone through you.
Laceration to your|peritoneum and small bowel
Could explain your jaundiced color.
Okay, you may not casually|discuss my privates.
Three months.
You could have read all of Shakespeare.
You know? Learned Finnish?
Instead, you've become a platinum member
Of the shopping channel.
Oh, I swear to God, if you start cleaning,
I will kick you out.
Is that why you banned your mother?
Is that what she said?
Did she mention
That all of her OCD banging and|clanking around isn't restful?
What, Finnish? Like, Finland Finnish?
You know,the stress hormone cortisol
Suppresses your immune cells'|ability to activate telomerase.
So you say. Mine are fine.
Quite simply, keeping your|brain busy aids recovery.
Mind, body...
Mind business.
You are my business.
Come on. Give me that. Here we go.
Ooh. Ow. Stop. No. Maura, I'm not going.
Well, what, you... you still have pain?
No.I just like saying "ow."
Could be from intermittent|obstruction due to adhesions.
When was your last bowel movement?
You just can't help yourself, can you?
I think you're avoiding.
what is that?
It's a get-well present|from Korsak and Frost.
That's restful? Where is your uniform?
Oh! It is disgusting in here!
put this on.
Makes me look like a man.
We can do this the easy|way or the hard way.
I'm not a hero, Maura.
Shooting yourself is not heroic.
The people of Boston think it is.
Eight people died. I don't|want a medal for that.
- Five of them were bad guys, Jane. |- Whatever.
This ceremony isn't for you.
This is... this is for|your fellow officers
And your parents and your community.
You're a symbol.
You are a heroic|flesh-and-blood reminder
Of the thin blue line.
That's good.
You almost had me. Okay.
The hard way.
Rizzoli & Isles - S02E01|We Don't Need Another Hero
Orginal air date:|11 July 2011
Sync and Corrected by Gatto|Resync for 720p by Baqinardo|for
Boston P.D. and the U.S. Military
Honoring their own tonight.
Private first class Abby|Sherman?™s support squad
Was headed to a rendezvous with my platoon
To rearm and resupply us,|whenher truck was hit by an RPG.
She was shot, she crawled to a saw,
Firing round after|round at Taliban militia.
Because of her courage, these|three men are alive today.
See? That's a hero.
Detective Jane Rizzoliwas|the first female officer
To work in the drug-control unit.
She was also the youngest officer ever
To be promoted to the rank of detective.
I knew she had more balls|than any guy on the job.
Ladies and gentlemen,detective|Jane Rizzoli.
Say something uplifting.
Can you just hand it to me?
Stand still, Rizzoli,or|I'll pin it on your forehead.
Say a few words.
Guys, uh, I didn't|really prepare anything.
Um, just 'cause... 'cause I... I...
I don't really think of myself as a hero.
Most of you... you know my...|my little brother, Frankie.
Frankie, just stand up and help me out.
Um, Frankie is alive|because of Dr. Maura Isles.
You know, she normally|works on dead people.
He's alive because of her,|not... not because of me.
I, uh...
I-I was just doing my job. You know?
Um, I... we... we all do this job
Because it's, uh...
It's what we've been trained to do.
You know, we... we've been trained
Not to think of ourselves but to act,
Because, you know, life is unfair and...
And bad things happen, and...
You know, I think that we're here...
We're all here...
...To remind everybody
That, uh, sometimes|the good guys still win.
Thank you very much.
It's all right. thanks.
Where's my dad?
Hi. How are you? What are you doing here?
You don't come to the|high-school reunions.
Wanted to see how you turned out.
You came from Afghanistan|to see how I turned out?
Everyone on leave got an invite.
Thought it'd be fun to see you.
you look great.
Lieutenant colonel, delta force.
That... that's impressive.
Um, you know what, I want to talk to you.
Can you... can you give me a sec?
Sure. It's good to see you.
That was a good speech, Jane.
I didn't see dad. Where is he?
I don't know.
Oh, Jane. I'm so proud of you.
Thanks, ma.
Thank you. Where's daddy?
What is the matter? Ma, okay.
Sit down, ma. Yeah, there you go. Okay.
Are you... ma?
Uh, uh, I need a pen.
What's wrong? Okay. I need a pen!
She gets very emotional|and then she can't talk,
So we have her write it down.
Okay, hang on.
Here, here. Here, here. Write it down.
Okay. Okay, here. Ma?
Detective, congratulations.
Can you do a quick interview with us...
How it feels to be a hero?
Great. Could you give me a second? Please.
Sure. Thank you.
You know, she... she gets|very emotional when...
When she's proud.
Ma, let... it's gonna be|okay,it's gonna be okay.
Look, let Frankie take you home, okay?
Come on. What?
"we are getting divorced."
That's terrible.
This should come out.
Oh, God.
You were in Mogadishu, sir?Mm-hmm.
Haiti in '94,Yugoslavia in '99.
You're back. Yes.
I loved your speech.
I loved your heroism. It puts me to shame.
Nice talking to you, sir.
No, let me get you guys a|drink. Nothing for me, thanks.
Doctor says water or prune juice.
We dated in high school.
See Gary? We enlisted together.
Oh, wow. You came back together.
War isn't good for a relationship.
I'm sorry.
We're still friends.
Do they resent you?
I mean, the other detectives.
It's that bad, huh?
Got a lot worse after all this hero B.S.
They hurt, don't they? Mm-hmm.
I can still feel the bullet.
The doctors left it there.
I wish scars looked good on girls.
Well, there's something|good about ugly scars.
You can't pretend it didn't happen.
Are you gonna go back?
I've been asking myself that a lot lately.
I'm done. I did my last tour.
I'm a civilian after tonight.
You take care, okay?
You too.
Fresh out of prune juice.
Ugh, slucky. Can the night get any worse?
Thanks. Except for you.
This is my trauma surgeon.
Luckily, I was under|when we hung out together.
Watch this. Everything is the royal "we."
Serious. Watch.
Hey. Hi. So, how are we feeling, Jane?
We are feeling fine,
But we can't speak for everyone.
All the single guys in Bostonand|you got to date ucky slucky?
Don't refer to Byron that way.
It's unethical, Maura.
Why? He was your doctor, not mine.
I mean, he's very sexy.
He has an odd accent, though.
Yeah, he moved here from|England when he was a kid.
Hmm. I nearly lost my virginity to him.
You know, Byron is much better|when he's not talking, Jane.
I think you would really like him.
Oh, I like Byron... When I'm anesthetized.
Your turtle has a better bedside manner.
And I don't disagree with you,
Which is why it was a|wonderful surprise to find out
That he was very tender|when he wasn't by the bed,
But in the bed.
That's like thinking about|my parents having sex.
My parents are getting a divorce.
I know. I'm... I'm so sorry.
Th... ugh.This is just too much crap.
I need to learn how to compartmentalize.
You know, how do men do it?
Well, they simply separate everything
Into isolated compartments.
Thank you.
That's... that's very helpful.
Please, go have tender sex|with Byron, and I'm going home.
You know, you do need to|boost your immune system,
And sex is very good for that.
Thank you, doctor.
I was married for a while.|She was a west pointer, too.
It didn't work out. Oh, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
So, how come we never|finished what we started?
Because you didn't give me the time of day
Until senior week.
I was a jerk.
Well, you were just too cool for me.
And smart.
You were too scary for me.
Gee, thanks.
I looked cool, but I|was like 12 in boy years.
You were a force even|then. Smart, beautiful.
Didn't care what anybody thought of you.
Inside, I was a geek.
Come on!Come on.
There might be a second bomb.|Well, we need to help her.
She's gone. Come on.
Get the bomb squad out here!
move back!
Secure the building! I'll|get the soldiers to help!
Perimeter! Jane, are you okay?!
Keep everyone back!
I want a perimeter now!
Back it up! I got this.
Got her?
Private first class|Sherman was in that car!
Was she by herself? Yes.
Rizzoli, need you out of here.|You're not cleared for duty.
Dr. Isles,we're gonna need you.
Frankie! Get her home! Yeah.
Don't need no more casualties.
I want to help. I want to help.|You all right? Come on, come on.
get out of here!
Vince, be careful. I can't get in it!
I can't believe it.|Abby died right in front of me.
I can stay.
I'm okay. All right.
And they're gonna want all hands on deck.
I'm just gonna make sure|you're okay before I go.
You gonna watch me brush my teeth? Yep.
He left a message.
"hey, honey, sorry I|can't be there.... Dad."
That's not like him.
Or did I also suffer brain damage
And forget what terrible kids we were?
What? Janie... He moved out today.
What? How do you know? She told me.
Did you see this coming?
I guess it's been coming for a long time.
They were fighting a lot at the hospital.
Well, we both almost died. Yeah, and|even that didn't bring them together.
But to move out? Why so fast?
They're losing the house. What?
Yeah, ma said that they've been|living off a second mortgage.
House is for sale.
Man, I have been out of it.
You want be a detective.
They're gonna want everybody|looking for bomb parts, okay?
All right. Okay, I...
I'm gonna go to sleep. I just...
All right. I just want|to forget about today.
Just promise me you'll stay put?
hey. Come on.
There. It's gonna be okay.
All right.
Wow.Detective Rizzoli.
You're new.
Yeah, I'm, um, uh...
Officer Reynolds. Yeah.
It's a pleasure to meet you, really.
Uh, I can't let you in|without a badge. Sorry.
Oh, come on, I got...|there's my badge. Oh.
We got a tough case to|solve. Uh, no, I can't.
Uh, security's been really tight since...
Since me. What are you doing here?
I'm trying to figure out|who killed Abby Sherman.
We haven't cleared you yet.
Are you sure you're ready for this, Jane?
I'm sure that I'm done sitting on my ass.
Here. Clear me for active duty.
Call Darlene in my office,|make an appointment.
See you later.
Oh, yeah, he's so tender.
I don't know how I never|noticed. Get me in there.
Jane, go home. Get better.
Maura, you heard me. This is who I am.
This I what I do. Now, get me in there.
okay, fine.
But I'm only doing this
Because I'm afraid that|you're gonna hurt yourself
Or this nice officer.
It's okay, Sam.
Detective Rizzoliis with me.Yes, ma'am.
Downstairs only.
I will poke you in your scar tissue
If you even touch the "up" arrow.
That's a sign of sexual frustration.
Or...Tangled hair.
I can't stop seeing Abby's face.
It looks different in here.
That is correct, rip Van Winkle.
And wait till you see my office.
The decorator just finished.
Oh, my God, I'm so excited,|I might need a paper bag.
You know, it's possible
It's taking you longer to|heal because of your attitude.
A.40-caliber bullet|went through me, Maura.
My attitude isn't faking that.
You're not faking anything.
You had a life-threatening injury.
But you're strong, healthy.
Something's gotten in|the way of your healing.
Ow! Will you please stop doing that?
I just wish I knew what|was causing that pain.
Again, I'm going with|the.40-caliber bullet, but...
Are you sure you want to be here?
She was very badly burned. Mm-hmm.
Are those her dog tags?
She survives two tours in Afghanistan
And gets blown up at home.
Thank you.
Mm. I can't. I can't, I can't.
What the hell is wrong with me?
I've been through worse than this.
And Abby deserves better.
Jane, take a deep breath.
No, I can't. It hurts.
What if I'm never who I was.
That's the human condition.
Thanks. Really upbeat.
Oh. Ow!This hurts, too.
How uncomfortable is this?
How can you say that?That's|a Karim Rashid label.
Oh, well, in that case,
It's like the warm|caress of a mother's hand.
Your parasympathetic|nerve is in overdrive.
It's a protective mechanism.
What, because I don't like your office?
Did taxpayers pay for this? Of course not.
You know, you might|still be in physical pain
Because of a posttraumatic|psychopathological reaction
To what's happened to you.
Well, make it stop.
What do you do when fear is killing you?
Well, it's very hard to die from fear
Unless you have a|congenital heart condition.
What can I do?
Get me upstairs.
Rizzoli, what the hell?|I gave you an order.
I know, I know, I know. I'm|sorry. Please reinstate me.
Okay, just... just for this|case. You know the routine.
You get your doctor to sign|off, and then I sign off.
You're still paying me,|lieutenant. All right?
I want to help. I want to|do this for Abby. Please.
Okay, you can stick around,
But you're off the books|until I get a signed release.
No gun, no badge. Understood. Thank you.
Hey! Great to have you back.
Say hello to your new sergeant.
You're a threesome now.
You okay over here?|You see, we... we moved.
You do this?
I... I... I did, I did.
Welcome back, Jane. Thank you.
How you doing with him being|sergeant? I got a choice?
Okay, let's get to it.|Bring me up to speed.
Our bomb squad and the|FBI are still there.
We helped them do a line|search, hands and knees.
Found the explosives casing.
Homeland security is sending over a team.
I just talked to the|governor. Was it terrorists?
Well, that's the speculation.
Anything to suggest it was home grown?
Looks like common components.
Bomb techs found large-diameter pipe.
It was a pipe bomb.
She got any family here in Boston?
Only child of a single mom.
She's been in the army for four|years. We're digging, though.
She was discharged two weeks ago.
She was staying with her mom.
Oh, God. Was her mother there?
Uh, yeah.
Uh, w-what about personal?
Abby said the men in|her platoon resented her.
No way. Korsak, with all due respect,
There weren't women serving|when you were a marine.
Hey, I ever treat you any|different from Frost, Rizzoli?
Well, yeah. You never brought me flowers.
Detective Frost, turn|up the volume, please.
And our top story...a car explosion
Has taken the life of a|young female U.S. Soldier.
The question now, is|this a terrorist attack?
All right, let's investigate|her military history...
Find out who she was stationed with,
See if she got any disciplinary|reports from M.P.S, anything.
Yeah, you met lieutenant colonel Jones.
He's army special ops.|He's got a stake in this.
Okay, well, get him in here.
Why hasn't some group|claimed responsibility?
Terrorists are the first to pick|up the phone and get the credit.
She's been in Afghanistan for the|last four years. What about her unit?
Maybe somebody she was|stationed with wanted her dead.
There's no way it's a fragging.
I'm not saying it is,
But we have to at least|consider the possibility
That it could be a fellow soldier.
Well, if it's a soldier,|the army wants to know.
I want to know.
That looks like part of a switch.
Yeah. It's a Mercury switch.
You have a list of the chemical components
In the explosives yet? Yeah, right here.
Traces of powdered aluminum, magnesium,
Potassium chlorate, and sulfur.
No trace of octol,which|is only used by us.
It's not a soldier.
Okay, I don't want it|to be a soldier either,
But we can't rule that out.
So, how many from her squad were|in Boston when she was killed?
Only the three guys that survived,
Plus, uh, her platoon|leader,lieutenant Forman.
Well, let's go talk to them.
Scar tissue.
Formed around a foreign|object in Abby's shoulder.
That must be the bullet.|Abby said they left it in.
Why wouldn't army doctors take it out?
Could have been too close to|the brachial plexus, maybe.
I'll process it.
Let me know? Mm-hmm.
Abby said you were|high-school sweethearts.
Stayed best friends.
And you were with her...
The whole way.
Abby was driving the deuce and a half.
I was riding shotgun.
Orders were to meet up,|resupply ammo and parts.
Heard the sound of an RPG|as it was being launched,
Then boom.
Flips that 21/2-ton truck|like it's a kid's toy.
Killed Smith and Lewis instantly.
Insurgents are firing at us.
I'm pinned in the truck.|I can't get to the saw.
We're all dead men.
Private Sherman is hit.
But she makes it to the saw,
Lays down covering fire.
She saved all of them.
She was support.
Wasn't supposed to be|anywhere near combat.
Guys teased her because she|was... she was kind of girly.
I knew she was tough.
Did you do any more than|just resupply runs with her?
No, that day...
When it counted...
She lived up to my highest ideal.
She was a soldier. That's what she was.
She was...
A damn fine soldier.
I'm sorry for the mess.
Oh, I don't mind. I've|been living in a tent.
Aren't you supposed to|be drinking prune juice?
Not after this.
I keep thinking about what Abby said
About her squad resented her.
Did you pick that up from any of them?
Those were soldiers|mourning one of their own.
It's got to be terrorism.
That's why I'm over there,
To keep it from happening over here.
We have the best bomb guys|in the country working on it.
We'll get them. Yeah.
Want to know something crazy?
Yeah, lay it on me.
I was thinking, except|for the girly part...
...Abby was like you.
Well, I'm honored.
Except for the girly part.
I can be girly.
No. I always liked your toughness.
You're a... you're|asoft-shelled crab, Rizzoli.
A not-girly-crab.|Wow.
You really need to work|on your pickup lines.
Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.
Mnh-mnh, no. No.No. No?
That's why you're such an incredible cop.
because|you care so damn much.
Maybe too much.
You can't care too much.
30 years, I've been|picking up that man's socks,
Cooking without spices because|it gave him indigestion.
Hey, Mrs. Rizzoli.
Hello, Charles.
Come on, ma!
Just for once in my life,|could you please knock?!
So, too sick to wash the dishes
But not too sick to have intercourse?
Intercourse, ma? Come on.
We didn't sleep together.|Okay, yes, we slept...
Why am I having this conversation?
I gave you a key for emergencies only.
Yeah, it was an emergency.
The health department was gonna|come and condemn the place.
I made you breakfast.
Thank you.
I heard you were selling the house.
Yeah, thanks to your father.
Ma, I'm so sorry. What happened?
He left me.
He left me with nothing.
I gave him my best years.
Okay, come on. You have|plenty of good years left.
All right?
And you got me, you got|Frankie, you got Tommy.
Tommy who's in prison?
He's getting out soon, ma.
He's... he's been writing me letters.
He's doing really good.
Why didn't daddy come to the ceremony?
I asked him not to,
Because I didn't want you to|have to arrest me if he did.
Why? What did he do?
Jane, he...
He wants a change.
I want a change, too.
But you don't see me walking out on him.
You can stay here as long as you like.
You can... you can have my bedroom.
Not gonna impose. I can't.
you wouldn't be imposing.
that's very nice of you.
Thank you.
But, uh, Dr. Isles|offered me her guest house.
I'm a good guest.
Are you a masochist?
You bought this house for|your mother to visit, not mine.
Increased blood flow. Rush of endorphins.
You feel less pain today, don't you?
What are you talking about?
You had sex.
And we did not have s...|I mean, we almost had...
It's really none of your|business, but feel free
To chat about it with my|mother at your slumber parties.
I never really got much|sleep at slumber parties.
why? Why are you doing this?
Because she's your family.
I feel guilty. Catholic guilt.
Did you know that a|university of Parma study
Found that devout Catholics
Are more likelyto show signs of OCD?
Yeah, Mart Luther's strict|definition of the sacraments
Is too constraining.
I hated confession.
Did you have a lot to|confess to? I made stuff up.
Because if you confess to|sins that you're not sorry for,
Then that's a sin.
Isn't making up sins a sin?
How are we this morning?
I called Darlene in your office.
She said you were too|busy to squeeze me in.
Yeah, we are rather busy.
And so are you. I'll be waiting outside.
I'd like to discuss|your pathology findings.
Morning. Vomit.
I'm worried about her.
She still has pain.|Shouldn't she be healed?
Hmm, patients heal at different rates.
But you don't know her.
You know, she had a dislocated shoulder
And she still tackled a|200-pound suspect to the ground.
Are we questioning my opinion?
Well, there could be another component.
The mind is powerful. She had a trauma.
Um, you're merely a pathologist,
And she had expert care from|a renowned trauma surgeon.
Are you talking about|yourself in the third person?
Are we angry?
We are. But...
Thank you for reminding me|why I don't date surgeons.
That's what was inside the|scar tissue in Abby's shoulder.
.38-caliber bullet from|an American revolver.
Aw, no. Friendly fire.
Don't you think it has to be?
Can you get inside of her medical records?
Maura, what can you tell|us about her gunshot wound?
That would just be my opinion.
Pretend I'm a priest|and I can't tell anyone.
I'm not catholic.
It is my opinion that|she was facing her shooter
When she was shot from|no more than 6 feet away.
It's based on the... the scarring
Around the entrance wound.
So she would have seen her shooter.
Can't be. Can't. Why would she lie?
She says right here, "I was|shot by a Taliban insurgent."
Nothing's been redacted.
Okay, I'm not saying|there's some big cover-up
By the department of evil.
All right? I'm a cop.
I'm practically a soldier|myself. Look at this.
It says that Abby refused to|let them remove the bullet.
Yeah, maybe because she didn't want them
Finding an American|soldier's bullet in her body.
Oh, this is all speculation.
Casey, she lied. Why?
Jane, maybe... maybe|she was afraid. Of what?
Soldiers know... hell,|everybody knows... it's war.
friendly fire happens.
It's tragic. But when|it does, we admit it.
Tell that to Pat Tillman?™s family.
I said I'd help you, and I will.
Not like this.
That was awkward. You think?
What... w-what are you doing?
I want to talk to Gary,
The private that was with|her when she was shot.
They were high-school sweethearts.
Hi, private Campbell?
Yes, hi,this is detective Rizzoli.
Um, I... I have a few|more questions for you.
I was just wondering...
Today would be fantastic.
Perfect. Right now.
All right, thanks.
You're not cleared for active duty.
I'm going with you.
You're not a detective.
Oh, well, technically, neither are you.
I'd like that folder back.
Private Campbell?
Maura, you okay?
I don't think this is just about Abby.
You were damn lucky.|Glad you're okay.
Every soldier who knows the truth
About what happened to Abby is in danger.
What do you mean?
Abby was shot by a|friendly in Afghanistan.
You knew?
Are you part of a cover-up, private?
I was following orders. Whose orders?
Lieutenant Forman?™s.
Forman was special operations group.
He can carry anything he wants.
Including a.38 revolver.
I'm next, aren't I? Not if we can help it.
Look at his|record. It's outstanding.
There's no way it's him.
Abby was outstanding, too,
Except she was enlisted, not an officer.
Hey, guys, sorry.
I tracked powdered|sulfur from the bombings
Back to a chemical-supply store.
Look who signed the receipt.
Forman's due back at Fort|Braggin North Carolina in 5 days.
Yeah, he rented a house|in Boston two weeks ago.
Got a signed lease.
Right when Abby was discharged.
Forman was in combat for|the first time, right?
Maybe he panics, shoots Abby.
Then she turns out to be a hero,
But as long as he's her|commander, he can keep her quiet.
But then she applies for a discharge.
Maybe he follows her|here. Afraid she'll talk,
Or maybe one of her squad will.
You think he started killing the soldiers
He led into battle to save his career?
Got another explanation
For purchasing this|much stuff to make bombs?
We got to get to that|house. I'll get on the hook,
Get S.W.A.T. tTo meet us out there.
I'll drag the entry team out of bed.
You're welcome to come.
Stay here, Jane. Stay safe.
We'll have a live feed.
Tango leader. Squad one in position.
Tango leader to squad|two, confirm position.
I'm like a boxer with a glass jaw.
I mean, have you ever seen|me not able to step up?
The most powerful force of|nature is not a nuclear weapon.
When I talk, do you hear,
"blah, blah, blah, Maura,blah,|blah, blah"?It's thoughts.
That's the most powerful|force... your thoughts.
Job used to take my|mind off of everything.
I mean, it's like I'm|not who I am anymore.
Okay, just do me a favor, all right?
Close your eyes.
Close them.
Take a deep breath.
ugh. I can't.
Go to full position,|tango one, on my command.
Trip wire! Everybody out!
Fall back, fall back! Move, move!
Fricking tragedy all around.
Blew himself up before we could get there.
Well, at least he didn't|take anybody else with him.
I'm gonna tell private Campbell myself.
He should know this is over.
Okay, I'll tag along for moral support.
Compression fracture.
Why was he wearing Abby's dog tags?
Forman, Sherman.
She was wearing his.
So, lieutenant Forman killed Abby.
That's just hard to believe.
Um, excuse me.
Jane, Forman was killed by a|blow to the back of the head
Before the explosion.
You sure? Yes, yes.
He was dead before the blast.
So, he was framed by the killer.
Lieutenant Forman and|Abby Sherman were lovers.
oh, crap.
Jane, what is it?
Thank you...Gary.
It's Gary.
I'm calling for backup!
It's too bad you know|your guns, detective.
Bit of a gun enthusiast, huh, gar?
You shot Abby. Yeah, it was an|accident. I didn't know it was her..
I... I heard movement.
And you pulled the trigger, private.
She covered it up to protect you.
I loved her. What did you blow her up for?
She wasn't gonna expose you.
Because "war isn't|good for relationships."
This was never about the war.
This was about lieutenant Forman.
That's why he's dead, too.
Yeah, they... they...|they thought I didn't know?
They were fraternizing!
Yeah, that's right.
He was her superior officer.
That's a... that's a|court-martial offense.
It wasn't an accident in Afghanistan.
You tried to kill Abby.
They just thought that they were|just gonna get out of the army
And live happily ever after?
No. No, wait.
Wait. Oh.
Just wait a minute, all right?
And... and that's why|he leased a house here,
To be closer to her.
I get it. I get that.
You don't have to do this.
I got no choice.
No, no, you have a choice.|Just face what you've done.
Okay. Give it to me.
that's all right.
that's okay.
"you're my hero."
Mine, too.
I know why we never got together.
You still scare me...
As much as this thing.
I scare you? Mm-hmm.
I got to say goodbye.
Why? Where you going?
My leave's up.
I've loved seeing you.
I loved seeing you.
Show up at the next reunion.|We'll finish what we started.
You know, heroes are|actually social deviants.
The famous Zimbardo|experiment at Yale proved that.
He's going back to Afghanistan.
I'm sorry.
No, it's good.
I was so scared,|Maura,and I did it anyway.
That's the definition of a hero.
Who's a social deviant.
Hmm. It's not a bad thing.
Right, so, I'm a not-girly,|crabby social deviant.
That's great.
Um, can I just...
Take a deep breath.
Any pain?
I'm back. You're back.
I'm back!
You know, I was pretty sure|that it was psychosomatic.
It was so not psychosomatic.
No, I think it was.
You think? So, you were guessing?
No, no, I can think.
I can consider, I can conclude.
Yeah, no, that's guessing.
You guessed. No, I did not.
Dr. Isles|guessed, Dr. Isles guessed.
I did not.
I did not. Did too.


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