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#703 : Policiers contre zombies

L'équipe enquête sur les morts et morts-vivants, après qu'un meurtre se soit produit lors d'un congrès de zombie.

Angela décide de poursuivre son GED après avoir révélé qu'elle n'a jamais obtenu son diplôme d'études secondaires.



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Cops vs. Zombies

Titre VF
Policiers contre zombies

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Scénario : Katie Wech
Réalisation : Steve Robin

Distribution principale :

  • Angie Harmon : Lieutenant Jane Rizzoli
  • Sasha Alexander : Docteur Maura Isles
  • Jordan Bridges : Lieutenant Francesco "Frankie" Jr Rizzoli
  • Idara Victor : Nina Holiday
  • Adam Sinclair : Kent Drake
  • Bruce McGill : Capitaine Vincent "Vince" Korsak
  • Lorraine Bracco : Angela Rizzoli

Distribution secondaire :

  • Hank Harris : Zachary Bale alias Jeremy Kendricks
  • Emma Bell : Christine McKenzie
  • Elisha Hening : Jared Daniels
  • Alina Phelan : Jackie Daniels
  • Hunter Clowdus : Max
  • Benjamin Byron Davis : Hank Mills
  • Tyler J. Mauro : Terrence Griffins

Wind chimes tinkling] [Music] [Wind whistling] [Objects clatter loudly] [Switch clicks] [Rattling in distance] [Men grunting] [Objects continue clattering in distance] [Grunting] [Grunting continues] [Whispers] Zombies.
[Grunting continues] [Clatter, thud] [Screams, panting]

Why aren't you in bed?

There's a zombie fight on the sidewalk out there.
Jared, you are too old to be making up stories.
I don't make up stories! The spider bite that rendered you unable to do homework? I could've gone blind.
[Sighs] [Dog barking in distance] They were out there! I saw them! This is why we don't do comic books before bed.
[Door opens, dog barking in distance] - Morning.
- Hey.
- What's that? - Research.
"Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
" - Latest edition.
- You don't have a mental disorder.
I have a condition that can affect the way I think.
Or overthink.
Well, it doesn't hurt to educate myself on current treatments.
On mental disorders that you don't ha Okay.
You told me that you were feeling better, that you had no more symptoms.
Yeah, but that can change at any moment.
And there's nothing I can do about it.
And I don't excel at doing nothing.
- This is true.
- So mm.
- [Door opens] Hi, Ma.
- Hi, girls.
- [Door closes] What's that? - Nothing.
- What's that? - A backpack? - What's it for? - Books.
Are you taking a course? [Doorbell rings] - You could say that.
- How nice! So what are you studying? Uh, bunch of subjects.
You know, you could say it's like a survey course.
[Door opens] - Hey, Ang.
- Hi, Max.
- Who's that? - My study buddy.
That's right.
[Chuckles] - We're gonna nail the GED.
Right, Ang? - The GED? The high school equivalency test? [Exhales deeply] Max, would you mind waiting in the courtyard for me, just for a minute? I'll be right out.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
[Sighs] - You never graduated high school? - Nope.
Your father thought it was a waste of my time.
Mom, I'm sorry.
I-I never knew that.
Well, I don't go around advertising it.
It's kind of bothered me since I never finished, so [Inhales sharply] Here I am.
[Chuckles] This is great! Ma! I'm so proud of you! - Thanks.
- Me, too.
- Oh, thank you, Maura.
- When When's the exam? Uh, next month.
It's a 7 1/2 hour test, and Max and I have been cramming for it.
- Yeah, what's his story? - He's very bright.
He, uh, dropped out to pursue his passion for farming.
In Boston? What's he farm? Hydroponic marijuana, mostly.
Gotta go! [Door opens] I got the top down on my convertible.
- You okay with that? - Yeah, sure.
Let's get to it.
- Cool pack.
- Have fun, Ma.
Remember, keep one foot on the floor at all times! [Title music] 7x03 - "Cops vs.
Zombies" [Siren wails] Yet another brilliant idea from my father.
How dare he talk her out of getting a diploma? - Thanks.
- Well, I admire her courage.
It can't be easy to dive back into that coursework.
And she has Max.
Well, at least he wants to better himself.
I smell pot on her, she's grounded.
- It is legal here.
- For medical use.
My mother does not need medical marijuana.
She hallucinates when she takes too many decongestants.
- Wow! - Oh.
- Zombie.
- Please tell me that's not real! Hmm.
Seems like some kind of a synthetic polymer.
Silicone, maybe.
- What about all the blood? - Well, that's real.
As is this tear in the posterior skull tissue.
Likely a result of blunt impact.
He may have fractured his occipital bone.
Looks like they struggled across the street and made their way over here, where the victim went down.
We know who he is? We're running prints and facial recognition now.
- So no ID? - None that belonged to him, but he had four wallets on him.
He's wearing booster pants with all the hidden compartments.
- Oh, he's a pickpocket.
- Maybe somebody he robbed was on to him, went after him for revenge.
Pretty conspicuous look for a thief.
Maybe he was working a costume party.
- Still - Maybe he's really a zombie.
Well, then we would have no case because you can't kill a zombie.
- They're already dead.
[Chuckles] - He's very talented.
I mean, this laceration on his cheek is a work of art.
He even discolored the subcutaneous tissue to account for maggot infestation.
- Yay? - Well, we have to admire how real it looks.
- I mean, this takes dedication.
- There's a world record for the number of snails on a person's face.
That takes dedication, too, but it doesn't mean I have to admire it.
- How many snails was it? - That's not the point, Maura.
- 43.
- I told her there was zombies out there.
Zombies? So more than one? Two.
Fighting each other.
It was awesome.
[Chuckles] - Until she had to interrupt.
- Can you describe the second zombie? Uh, he was classic.
They both were.
- Meaning what? - Meaning they locomote on two legs.
- As opposed to - Stalkers, who move on all fours.
Or crawlers.
They have no legs at all.
Then you've got your bonies, who generally don't move on account of their, uh advanced decomposition.
- You know your zombies.
- Reanimation is my passion.
Uh, was the other zombie male or female? I don't know.
Was there anything unique about the second zombie? - Did he have tattoos, glasses? - No.
Nothing like that.
Okay, well, if he thinks of anything else, give us a call.
Thank you, Detective.
Come on.
Look, I don't know if it was a guy or a girl, but I'd recognize that zombie if I saw it again.
- All right.
- Come on.
Found this in the victim's pocket.
Admission pass to the Boston Convention Center.
- Does it say what the event was? - Yep.
I have a feeling he blended right in.
[Music] [Cackling] [Growling sound] [Indistinct conversations] [Camera shutter clicks] Aah! [Growling continues] Boston ZombieCon Whoa! Man.
Severed limb workshop.
Leashes and collars for undead pets.
You dropped your finger.
This is awesome.
[Shouting indistinctly] Come on.
Zombie children? That's not cool.
Hey, did you see the zombie Santa Claus? - Santa's not a zombie.
- Well, he never seems to age.
That's because he's filled with the magic of Christmas, Korsak.
Hank Mills, convention security.
Jane Rizzoli.
How long does this go on? For the whole week.
We sell out every year.
Have you noticed any, uh, fights, arguments, - anything that would get your attention? - Nothing violent.
But I checked the theft report like you asked, and there have been some wallets reported stolen.
Seven, altogether.
[Growling in distance] Uh you recognize him? [Beep] - Who's he? - Kendall Judd.
We found him a couple miles from here.
Looked like he came right from the convention.
Well, it doesn't ring a bell, but I wouldn't recognize him looking like that.
- What do you mean? - Well, the guy could be my next door neighbor.
I wouldn't recognize him unless he's in a costume.
And he's probably using a zombie name.
Like, for example, my name is Hank, but everybody calls me "Beaver.
" - For the cleaver? - Right.
- That's clever.
- Clever.
- Beaver.
- Please stop.
Uh we need the names of anyone - who reported their wallet stolen.
- Sure thing.
Yeah, everyone in costume.
Can't see who anybody really is? Mm, it's a good cover for a thief.
[Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" playing] Are they getting married? Great cover.
Zombie makeup's as good as a ski mask for anonymity.
- I'll take the ski mask.
- What do you have against zombies? I'm a homicide detective.
I do not understand the appeal of pretending to be dead.
- Oh, ho.
Maybe Frankie can explain.
- [Sighs] Are you shopping? What? There was a sale on blood capsules.
Can we get out of here now, please? - Why? Are you scared? - No.
This is "Night of the Living Dead" all over again.
[Creepy voice] They're coming for you, Jane.
- No.
- Yes.
Jane, they're coming for you.
- No.
- Jane.
- Stop.
- Jane.
[Chuckles] [Bar music] Oh, thanks, Ma.
Hey, how's the study group going, Angela? - I'm quitting.
- Why? We've been putting off the math portion, and I realized why life is too short.
Yeah, well, you can't just quit.
Well, I don't get it no matter how many times I try.
Anyway, when am I going to need to do polynomial equations? I distinctly remember saying the same thing to you when I was in the 10th grade.
And if memory serves, you did not support my wish to quit.
- That's different.
- How so? - I'm your mother.
[Chuckles] - Ma.
Come on! If you wanna pass the test, you gotta do the math.
It's impossible.
Nobody can figure out these equations.
I bet the Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth could.
Okay, Maura does not want to tutor me.
Sure, she would! She probably does polynomials in her bath to unwind.
[Laughs] [Paper rustles] [Tool clinks] It's hard to tell the real blood from the makeup, isn't it? I know.
These scars they're elaborate and creative.
This one on the forehead is made of corn syrup and gelatin.
- Delicious.
- Mmm.
Anyway, actual cause of death is subarachnoid hemorrhage.
So from impact from the sidewalk, as I suspected.
- You find the other nonedible wounds? - Oh, yeah.
X-ray showed that the fourth metacarpal is fractured.
So he landed a blow before he went down? - Mm.
- This makeup might've transferred to his hand after he struck his assailant.
- Right.
- Swab the hand for skin cells.
Maybe we could recover some DNA that would identify who he was fighting.
I'll let Jane know where we're at.
- Uh, Maura? - Yes.
I've actually been doing some research on your symptoms.
I think it's possible that you may have a Chiari Malformation.
That's a genetic condition, isn't it? Congenital structural defect of the cerebellum, yeah.
It could've been lying dormant until it was unmasked by your head trauma.
I hadn't considered that.
[Tool clatters] Hey, come on.
My research shows there's room for optimism.
I'm sure there is.
I'm sorry, it's just, um daunting to objectively diagnose something that affects me so deeply.
Yeah, well, it's not your job to be objective.
That's why I'm here.
And I've left the reading on your desk.
I'll take a look at it.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
[Sighs] [Mouse clicking] Hey.
- So these are the stolen wallet victims? - Yep.
Security said that seven people filed a report.
These are the four whose wallets you found on the body.
[Click, beep] These are the other three victims.
Their wallets are in the wind.
- We talk to everybody? - Yeah.
There's no likely suspects.
They were all at ZombieCon at the time of the murder.
So seven people with motive, seven people with alibis.
What about credit cards? The suspect might still have some from the wallets - we didn't recover.
- Uh, if he doesn't know that we're on to him.
He might try and use 'em.
Can you flag all the missing credit cards for me? [Typing] Anybody so much as buys as tank of gas, I wanna know about it.
[Mouse clicks] - This is my mug.
- What? This is my mug! I left it at your house.
It is.
You did.
- Problem? - [Sips] No.
It just has my drink in it, so I'm gonna wash it out, and I'll get it back to you.
- Okay.
- All right.
I think Jane knows that you spent the night at my place last night.
- Because of a mug? - Or maybe because you're glowing? - [Whispers] Stop.
- Hmm.
Are you avoiding telling her about us for any particular reason? - I'm not avoiding.
- You hate chai.
Okay, maybe I was avoiding just a little bit.
[Lowered voice] But only because I don't want my family butting into our relationship.
- It's bad enough that my mom knows.
- Yeah, I understand.
There are a few gems in my family that I prefer to keep in the dark for now, too.
Okay, then.
I don't need everyone to know, - as long as I know you're sure about us.
- Oh, I'm sure, even if it means I have to drink all the chai in chai land.
[Both chuckle] [Computer beeping] - This is interesting.
- What is it? I'm monitoring message boards and social media around ZombieCon.
[Beep] This video just popped up with the title, "Pickpocket gets schooled.
" Frankie: That's our pickpocket.
Look at that.
She catches him red-handed.
This must be cellphone footage.
[Keyboard keys tap, beep] - Who's the girl? - Doesn't look like any of the women - who had filed reports.
- Mm.
Though, why would she file one if she was planning to go kill him? Our guy stole the wrong zombie's wallet.
- McKenzie, right? - Yeah, so I'm told.
Nina reached out to the zombie community to see if anyone could ID the girl in the video.
That's what she came up with.
[Elevator bell dings] "The zombie community"? [Sighs] - Christine McKenzie.
- AKA "Dead Ringer"? Yeah, that's me.
Uh, we'd like to speak to you about your stolen wallet.
What stolen wallet? Your wallet that was stolen last night from ZombieCon? I have my wallet.
Is there a problem? [Beep] Can you explain this? [Video plays without audio] - Is that you? - Yeah, that's me, but I I thought that guy was just trying to grab my ass.
I didn't know he stole my wallet.
What a jerk.
Could you tell us how you happen to have your wallet in your possession in light of this photo? [Sighs] I-I found it on my welcome mat this morning.
I-I figured I just dropped it coming home.
Do you have a roommate? Anyone that can verify - when you got home? - No.
How about where you were between the time your wallet was stolen and the time you got home? - I was at the convention.
- You have anyone to verify that? No.
Why are you guys so interested in where I was? Because the person who stole your wallet is dead.
- He is? - Mm-hmm.
You guys don't think that I had anything to do with this? I think that until you can verify your whereabouts, you should probably come with us.
Let's go.
[Music] [Telephone ringing, indistinct conversations] Who doesn't know their wallet was stolen? And then has it miraculously returned? The zombie girl's story sucks.
It does, but we can't disprove it till we put her at the scene.
- I ran a background on her.
- Anything interesting? A restraining order filed against her boyfriend a year ago.
Then there was also a police report.
- I guess he was violent.
- That's too bad.
Maybe she was traumatized by the abusive ex-boyfriend.
And then the run-in with the victim made her snap.
I like it in theory, but she didn't seem like the type to snap.
What about the ex-boyfriend? Maybe he sees her with the victim and then goes after him? Let's find him, see what he was up to all night.
All right.
[Elevator bell dings, doors open] - Knock, knock.
Busy? - Not for you.
Come in.
- I hate to bother you with this - Jane already told me.
Polynomial factoring? - Yeah, it's cruel and useless.
- I have to disagree.
They are essential for work with coding and cryptography.
And they help build abstract problem solving skills.
- Mm-hmm.
Still not selling it.
- Okay.
[Chuckles] I know it can seem tedious.
[Sighs] But math can be tremendously elegant at times.
For example [Blinds whir] Wow.
What is that? "A Beautiful Mind"? It's an "Ulam Spiral.
" It shows that you can position any set of numbers in a square grid, the prime numbers will always line up in perfect diagonals.
[Pen squeaks] - Oh.
- See? Every time, no matter what number you start from.
And polynomial factoring is a useful tool in understanding this phenomenon.
Now tell me that this doesn't capture your imagination.
For the moment, the only thing capturing my imagination - is that dead body over there.
- Oh.
I'm sorry about that.
Oh, can we try this again later? Yeah, sure.
I'm just gonna let it all sink in.
[Groans] Hey.
Still processing the samples from the skin and clothes.
Should have a detailed analysis very soon.
- Uh, what about the wallets? - The four wallets from the scene all had the victim's blood on them.
Also, Christine's wallet had the victim's blood on it.
So Christine's wallet was on him when he fell and bled? Very likely.
Well, then she pulled it out of his pocket and then took off.
- Well, I can't testify to that.
- Why? A bloody wallet only means that it was on the victim at the time he was bleeding.
It doesn't place Christine herself at the scene.
Well, it's a good thing I have a witness who can.
[Footsteps depart] [Indistinct conversations, telephone ringing in distance] No one at the convention volunteered for the lineup? Not one.
Said they were paranoid about picked out by mistake.
Zombie profiling.
It's a real thing.
- You look disgusting.
- Thank you.
You just had to get in on this, huh? Well, we needed the volunteers, and I've got a really good stagger.
[Growling] Even if Jared ID's Christine, this is not gonna hold up in court.
Probably not, but it'll justify holding her.
And looks like we have our zombie lineup.
- Take your time.
- Hmm.
Can you make them groan? [Button clicks] Can I get a groan from each of the zombies, left to right, please? [All groaning] Hmm.
Can you make them say, "Brains"? You didn't tell us the suspect said, "Brains.
" They didn't.
I just thought it'd be cool.
You should know I'm inclined to detain you.
- That would be unlawful.
- I'll come up with something.
Yeah, it's none of these people.
- You sure? - Yeah.
And also that guy? Really? What about him? That's the cop that interviewed me at my house.
Your killer's not here.
[Door closes] [Sighs] Turned out to be a more reliable witness than I expected.
Mm, yeah.
And we just lost our best suspect.
[Music] So if we take Christine at her word, her wallet was taken off of the dead body, and returned to her the night of the murder.
Without her knowledge.
- Yeah, who does that? - Good Samaritan? Okay, well, then why didn't he return all the wallets? Good point.
And how did this mystery man get into Christine's building anyway? He lives there.
He has access.
Followed her home without her knowing.
Or she knew and she's covering for someone.
What happened to the other three wallets - that weren't at the crime scene? - We talked to all the owners.
None of them got their wallets returned.
Okay, so this is about Christine.
Maybe he knows her.
Well, the boyfriend's a dead end.
He lives in Missouri now.
She claims she doesn't know anybody else who might've done something like this.
- Yeah, I wish I could believe her.
- Paul Grossman.
He reported one of the wallets stolen that we didn't recover.
- Did he get it back? - No, which is interesting because he just bought a vacuum cleaner in Dorchester, according to his credit card company.
Please tell me there's security footage.
Nina already ran the image through facial recognition.
The guy's name is Terrence Griffins.
Has a history of petty theft.
And a fondness for zombie conferences, I bet.
Uniforms are already on their way to pick him up.
No DNA matches from the blood samples on the victim? Nope.
Okay, then we'll have to wait for a tox report.
- You mean trace chemical analysis? - What did I say? [Exhales] - Another slip.
- No, no, you just you you misspoke.
- Or I'm losing it.
- Or you're so scared of having a slip that you're giving yourself a complex.
That's a very unscientific justification.
[Sighs] Look, Maura, if the military has taught me one thing, it's you make assessments based on facts on the ground.
Now you've not had a lapse in ages.
And we now have a potential diagnosis, which means treatment options.
- It is not the time to panic.
- I appreciate your optimism, but I feel that I owe it to the people I serve to be the sharpest mind in the room.
- Yeah, and you are that mind.
- I'm not so sure.
And I can't tell you how frightening it is to have to admit.
I'll, uh I'll continue with my analysis.
[Music] [Sighs] [Horn honks] [Indistinct conversations] - Hey, Vince.
- Hey.
Could you do me a favor? Could you bring this to Maura when you go back to the station? Sure.
What's the occasion? I just want to thank her for helping me with that exam.
- She was able to help you? - She did the best she could.
But I'm a lose cause, and Well, I I dropped out of my group.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
[Grunts] You don't seem relieved.
- Well, I'm not.
I feel terrible.
- Why is that? Because after I dropped out, Max texted me - and told me he's giving up, too.
- Oh, that's too bad.
Oh, he's a bright kid.
And this could be a chance for him to to totally turn his life around.
Maybe he just needs some encouragement.
He probably looks up to you.
Well, I can't tell him not to quit.
I'd be a hypocrite.
- Not if you take the test.
- But what if I fail? Well, you definitely will if you don't try.
[Music] [Indistinct conversations] You've got a lot of a theft charges for a guy barely out of high school, Terrence.
What are you doing stealing wallets? - What wallets? - From ZombieCon.
How do you know I was at ZombieCon? Because I'm a better cop than you are a thief.
[File thuds] - Tell me about Kendall Judd.
- Who? I'm gonna say this once.
You and Kendall were both lifting wallets from that convention, and now one of you is dead.
I need to understand your relationship or best case, I arrest you for obstruction.
Worst case, you become my number one suspect.
[Sighs deeply] I've been hitting ZombieCon for years.
It's my turf.
Kendall was threatening my whole operation.
- How so? - The thing with the girl that went viral? That's bad for everyone's business.
- So you wanted him to back off? - Yeah, but I didn't kill him.
- But I wasn't the only one he pissed off.
- What do you mean? Some other guy followed Kendall outside.
Maybe one of his marks.
I don't know.
I figured he'd teach Kendall a lesson for me, too.
- Can you describe this guy? - About my age.
Tattered clothes.
His makeup was super elaborate.
- Anything else? - He had a limp.
Doesn't everyone have a limp at ZombieCon? Yeah, when you're in character, not when you're ducking out the back door to kick the guy's ass that just robbed ya.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I have the trace chemical analysis from the victim's fist.
- Corn syrup.
- From the fake blood.
Mineral oil and titanium dioxide from the stage makeup.
Also, there was a fair amount of real blood from two different blood types.
- The victim's and the suspect's? - Most likely.
- Okay.
Did you find any DNA? - No, uh, matches, but I did want to show you this.
Castor seed oil, fumed silica, sucrose acetate ingredients found in something called Microskin.
- What's that? - Lightweight, waterproof cosmetic product with exceptional breathability, ideally used for burn victims.
That was on our victim's hand? Likely rubbed off during contact.
So this wasn't normal zombie makeup? No.
Microskin is expensive.
Application is more involved than regular makeup.
And you can only get it through the manufacturer.
- He used it because he needed it.
- Right.
We're not looking for a zombie.
We're looking for a burn victim.
[Music] - A burn victim? - Mm-hmm.
Someone with a facial disfigurement where he might need to cover it up with makeup.
- I can't think of anyone.
- He might also have a pronounced limp.
What? You know someone like that? - It It can't be him - Who? This guy who waters the plants in my building he limps.
He's really shy.
I-I always felt so sorry for him.
How much did you talk to him? I complimented him on his work on our rooftop garden.
That's about it.
- What about ZombieCon? - I don't think I mentioned it to him.
I mean, I-I guess he could've seen me leave in my costume.
Oh, God.
Do you think that he followed me there? Do you know his name? Frankie: Zachary Bale.
He worked at a greenhouse that services plants all over Boston, including the building Christine lives in.
[Beeps] This photo is from his employee badge.
Korsak: There's the facial scarring.
Christine probably didn't notice it through the makeup.
- The greenhouse owner confirm the limp? - Yeah.
He also said he fired Zachary recently for stealing plants.
Who steals plants? Ah.
The owner confronted him about it, and then Zachary became real agitated.
Owner said he seemed unstable.
Emotionally unstable burn victim with a limp - and a fixation on Christine.
- And access to her building.
- Did we pick him up? - Here's the thing.
The owner paid in cash and didn't ask many questions.
He never verified Zachary's ID.
- So the address he gave was a fake? - Everything was a fake.
I can't find any background on anyone by this name.
Emotionally unstable burn victim using an alias.
I'm gonna warn Christine to be looking out for this guy.
- Korsak: That burn makeup is the key.
- He'd have to use a real address to have it delivered somewhere he can pick it up.
Check with the manufacturer, see where in the area they ship.
[Typing] [Music] [Horn honks in distance] [Elevator bell dings, doors open] [Elevator doors close] Hi.
We're running down addresses where Microskin ships.
Might be our best clue to this guy's identity.
Well, I hope you get the results quickly.
[Sighs] Yeah, you said you needed to give me something? Yes.
Um Well, I have been reading the research about Chiari Malformations.
- It may be the source of my condition.
- Okay.
What's it say? Well, there is a procedure to alleviate the pressure on the cerebellum, and it could eliminate my symptoms entirely.
Well, this is great, right? Well, there's also a chance that it doesn't work or my symptoms worsen, rendering me unable to perform my duties.
- But that's not gonna happen.
- Maybe not.
But until I can be sure, I can't let our cases rest in the balance.
- What's this? - My resignation.
- If the day comes - Maura.
Come on.
This is a little premature, don't you No, this is more than prema this is like the nuclear option.
I just wanna be prepared for the worst-case scenario.
I don't want you to have the burden of having to make that call for me down the road.
Well, what about the best-case scenario? You know, the one where you get better? [Sighs] Look Maura, I know this is scary for you.
It's scary for me, too, okay? And And I will hold on to this if that's what you want.
But I know I'm not gonna need it.
- I just don't wanna let anyone down.
- You never have! [Cellphone vibrates] Okay? [Sighs] Nina's got something.
Look, we we're gonna talk more about this later.
Okay? Everything's gonna be all right.
Maura Isles does not resign.
[Music] - Hey.
- Hey.
So Nina got a list of local addresses where Microskin ships.
I pulled DMV photos for all recipients to compare them to our suspect's work badge, and I found a match.
[Beep] - Nice.
- His real name is Jeremy Kendricks.
It looks like he was disfigured in a childhood accident.
I can't imagine kids on the playground were kind.
He's got a spotty work history, moves around a lot.
Arrest record? [Typing, computer beeps] Yeah.
Bar fights and vandalism.
He's angry.
Has been for a long time.
[Sighs] Okay, did we talk to Christine? Yep.
I told her the suspect's real name and to stay put until we find him.
Where was she when you spoke to her? - She's on her way home.
- That may be a problem.
[Beeping] Jeremy Kendrick's cellphone is pinging off the same tower as Christine's.
Korsak: He got fired.
He lives on the other side of town.
He has no business in that area.
He's going after her.
[Music] [Door creaks] [Siren wailing in distance] [Exhales shakily] I've been waiting for this moment.
[Gun cocks] Uh - I thought you were someone else.
- Sorry to disappoint you.
She's not coming.
She got your note, and we told her to stay put.
- And who are you? - Jane Rizzoli, Boston Police.
- Christine called the police on me? - No, she didn't do anything.
But you and I, we need to talk about - what happened with her wallet.
- Nothing happened.
All right? That guy was bothering her.
- Yeah, we know that part.
- He shouldn't have touched her! - So you went after him? - No, I was trying to help.
Look, she's nice to me.
I just I just wanted to help.
[gasps] Hey, whoa, whoa! Jeremy, Jeremy, hey.
Look at me.
Look at me, all right? Look.
Hey, look at me! Let's talk about this, okay? Yeah, come away from the ledge, man.
- You don't know what it's like! - Okay, so just explain it to us.
ZombieCon was the first place that I felt normal.
People weren't staring at me, all right? I was finally gonna [Sighs] I was finally gonna talk to her.
- Why'd he have to spoil it? - I don't know.
- I didn't mean to kill him.
- I believe that.
J-Jeremy, hey, I believe that.
- No, you don't.
- I do.
No, you don't.
You think I'm a monster, a freak! Uh, hey, Jeremy! Hey.
Listen to me, okay? I think that you have had a very, very hard road, all right? But you still wanted to do something nice for Christine.
I-I admire that.
We all we admire that.
It doesn't have to be the end of the road.
- Nobody wants that.
- [Whispers] Come on.
Nobody cares! [Door opens] Jeremy, stop! [Gasping] Please! Please don't do this.
Come on.
Come on, Jeremy.
Come on.
[Handcuffs click] - [Whispers] You okay? - [Whispers] Yeah.
- All right, thanks.
- DA was still up? Ugh.
Based on the nature of the wounds, he'll consider involuntary manslaughter, conditional to Jeremy getting therapy.
- He could be out in a few years.
- Well, he's young.
If he gets the help he needs, might be a shot for him.
[Indistinct conversations] I hate that word.
" This kid could've had a good life if people had just been kind, you know? Not treat him like a monster.
Same thing could be said for zombies.
What? [Sighs] They didn't ask to be the way they are.
Can they help it if they find human brains delicious? No.
Poor schmucks can't do a damn thing about it.
I feel you need a new hobby.
[Frankie and Korsak laugh] - Good night.
- Good night.
- Jane! - Huh.
What? One more thing.
I've been thinking.
There's something I want you to know.
- What? What is it? - Well, it's fairly new at this point.
- It's about me and - There you are.
[Chuckles] Um, I'm sorry to interrupt.
[Elevator bell dings] I Frankie, I really need to talk to you, privately.
Uh - [Button clicks] Rain check.
- Yeah, I'll get the next one.
I was telling her about us.
- I know.
- Then why'd you stop me? Because the fact that you were willing to do it means more to me than you actually doing it.
- Really? - Yeah.
Plus, it's fun to have a secret, don't you think? I think that I really want to kiss you right now.
[Elevator bell dings] You're just gonna have to wait.
How is that fun? [Music] [Exhales deeply] - Thanks.
- Hey.
- Hey, Max.
- You wanted me to come down? Yeah, I wanted to talk about our study group.
- What group? We quit.
- Have a seat.
[Music] Max, you know, before you were even born, somebody told me I didn't need that diploma.
And I was naive enough to listen.
I didn't know that eventually, I would be divorced from that dope.
I didn't know I'd be working at this bar.
I mean, I-I didn't know a lot of things.
- Nobody knows the future.
- [Chuckles] Exactly.
It is, by definition, unknown.
- The future is "X.
" - A variable.
[Laughs] So I don't know if we're ever gonna have to use this math, but I know that if we work together, we could pass that exam.
Yeah, I understand.
I need your help.
[Laughs] - Can't do it alone.
- Yeah, I'm in.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- You'll be back here tomorrow? - I'll see you then.
[Exhales deeply] - Hi, Ma.
- Hey, honey.
- Oh God! You too?! - It's Ken's handywork.
Analyzing the victim's makeup made him wonder if he can improve on the formula and it took a lot of tries to achieve the crack viscosity of rotten flesh.
There's a lot going on.
That's it, Maura.
[Chuckles] Hey, Janie.
What can I get you? Uh I'll have a beer.
And some "neo-sporin".
[Laughs] Come on! Admit it.
This looks just like advanced stage arthropod decay.
Wha You want me to say that to you like it's a compliment! Wha Why? I'm just trying to be honest.
You look very.
decayed? - Happy? - Yes! Alright.
Ugh! Well actually, compared to these guys you kind of phoned it in, don't you think? [Pretending groan] Can I help you? We heard it's first drink free for everyone dressed as zombies.
- You did? From who? - Me.
I had some business cards in my pockets.
So I handed them out at the convention.
You know build our client base.
- Can we get some shots? - Ahh, here we go Yeah.
I hope "the Undead" are good tippers.
[Plays remix version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"] Oh Oh, no.
Uh-uh! Nope! [Music stops] All: Aww! No! No You're not even old enough to be in here.
Thank you, Ma.
Appreciate it! - No - No, yes! No! [Laughs] [Whispers] Ohh, thank you.


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